Obituary of Dragutin Šurbek

Name: Dragutin ŠurbekGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/08/1946Date of Death: 15/07/2018Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)State: ZagrebDragutin Šurbek was a Croatian table tennis player.


Obituary of Robin James

Name: Robin JamesGender: maleDate of Birth: 02/02/1954Date of Death: 16/07/2018Country: United StatesState: IllinoisCity: ChicagoRobin Dale Jones was an American professional basketball player.


Obituary of Vernon Ray Smith

Name: Vernon Ray SmithGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/03/1939Date of Death: 02/07/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Wilhemina Ann Vandergriff

Name: Wilhemina Ann VandergriffGender: femaleDate of Birth: 08/04/1924Date of Death: 02/07/2018Married By: RonCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Albert Williams

Name: Albert WilliamsDate of Birth: 25/07/1932Date of Death: 02/07/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Carol Martin

Name: Carol MartinGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/01/1937Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Glenn McQuilkin

Name: Glenn McQuilkinGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/07/1954Date of Death: 27/05/2009Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Kenneth Francis Nye

Name: Kenneth Francis NyeGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/11/1952Date of Death: 2/06/2018Profession: United States Marine CorpsCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasKen was a military veteran serving as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps during the…


Obituary of Douglas Carleton

Name: Douglas CarletonGender: maleDate of Birth: 10/01/1924Date of Death: 02/07/2018Married By: Charlene CarletonProfession: Army Air CorpCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasArmy Air Corp in WWII


Obituary of Patricia Oleta Gibson

Name: Patricia Oleta GibsonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/12/1935Date of Death: 02/08/2018Married By: Herbert GibsonCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: Abilene Christian College


Obituary of Katherine Burdette Jones Henderson

Name: Katherine Burdette Jones HendersonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 16/12/1986Date of Death: 28/06/2018Married By: William Stewart HendersonCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCause of death: colorectal cancer


Obituary of Ross Hopkin

Name: Ross HopkinGender: maleDate of Birth: 02/02/1941Date of Death: 02/07/2018Married By: Cheryl KentCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: University of Houston


Obituary of Dian Boyd

Name: Dian BoydGender: femaleDate of Death: 02/07/2018Last rites: Memorial Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, 4015 S. Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX.Last Rites Starts At: 07/07/2018 10:00Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasDian had successful…


Obituary of Smt.S.Sakuntala

Name: S.SakuntalaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 17/05/1938Date of Death: 20/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of T.Pushpa

Name: T.PushpaGender: femaleDate of Death: 19/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by Prakash, Ramesh, Suresh Khatri, and familyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.V.Seshadri

Name: V.SeshadriGender: maleDate of Death: 20/05/2018Married By: Saraswathi SeshadriCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of K.Srinivasan

Name: K.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 21/05/2018Profession: ProfessorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiZoology professor, Madhura College


3rd anniversary of T.K.Gopakumar

Name: T.K.GopakumarGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/12/1948Date of Death: 25/06/2015Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiDirector, Magellan Travel Services


Obituary of Dr.Meera Sadayavel

Name: Meera SadayavelGender: femaleDate of Birth: 05/02/1958Date of Death: 25/06/2014Profession: DoctorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of D.Saraswathi

Name: D.SaraswathiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/06/1934Date of Death: 26/04/2016Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired officer IOB


Sad demise of Smt.K.Meenakshi

Name: K.MeenakshiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 23/06/1935Date of Death: 22/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of T.Kripa Shankar

Name: T.Kripa ShankarGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/05/1933Date of Death: 17/04/2014Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of K.Shantha Shankar

Name: K.Shantha ShankarGender: femaleDate of Birth: 16/01/1941Date of Death: 06/06/2014Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Chidambaram Chettiyar

Name: Chidambaram ChettiyarGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/06/1927Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of C.Thyammal

Name: C.ThyammalGender: femaleDate of Death: 23/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of V.S.Ranganathan

Name: V.S.RanganathanGender: maleDate of Birth: 28/10/1940Date of Death: 23/06/2018Profession: Mechanical EngineerCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Chief Mechanical Engineer, Chennai Port Trust


In memory of Akhil

Name: AkhilGender: maleDate of Birth: 20/12/1963Date of Death: 27/06/2002Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Mrs.Kanchan Khubchandani

Name: Kanchan KhubchandaniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/12/1957Date of Death: 24/06/2018Married By: Ashok KhubchandaniCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


8th anniversary of K.S.Rajalakshmi

Name: K.S.RajalakshmiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 09/04/1931Date of Death: 27/06/2010Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Assistant Registrar Customs Excise Gold Control Appellate Tribunal


Obituary of Smt.R.Gangai

Name: R.GangaiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 28/05/1925Date of Death: 26/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: KallidaikurichchiRetired teacher, Tilak Vidyalaya School, Kallidaikurichi


In fond memory of K.V.Ramani

Name: K.V.RamaniGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/11/1951Date of Death: 27/06/2011Message: Deeply mourned by family and friends.Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of R.Kannan

Name: R.KannanGender: maleDate of Death: 24/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Lajwanti Nagpal

Name: Lajwanti NagpalGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/06/2018Last rites: Chautha at Kilpauk DarbaarLast Rites Starts At: 27/06/2018 16:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of F.Susairaju

Name: F.SusairajuGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/10/1948Date of Death: 26/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


9th anniversary of P.A.Narendrababu

Name: P.A.NarendrababuGender: maleDate of Birth: 18/06/1951Date of Death: 26/06/2009Married By: P.N.NageshwariCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


18th anniversary of S.V.Srinivasan

Name: S.V.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/11/1935Date of Death: 26/06/2000Message: Fondly remembered by Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan & all family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


1st year anniversary of Dr.Madhu Dhawan

Name: Madhu DhawanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/02/1952Date of Death: 26/06/2017Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFormer Head of Hindi department – Stella Maris College


Demise of S.Vaidyanathan

Name: S.VaidyanathanGender: maleDate of Death: 24/06/2018Married By: LalithaCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Senior Deputy Manager


Obituary of P.D.Thomas

Name: P.D.ThomasGender: maleDate of Death: 23/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiDirector, TECH-SHARP ENGINEERS P LTD


Obituary of M.Mangayar Karasi Achi

Name: M.Mangayar Karasi AchiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 01/11/1945Date of Death: 25/06/2018Married By: L.MuthukrishnanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Cinematographer Robby Müller

Name: Robby MüllerGender: maleDate of Birth: 04/04/1940Date of Death: 04/07/2018Profession: CinematographerCountry: Netherlands TheState: AmsterdamCause of death: DementiaRobby Müller was a Dutch cinematographer best known for his collaborations with film director Wim Wenders and Jim Jarmusch. Müller died on 4 July,…


Obituary of Harry M. Miller

Name: Harry M. MillerGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/01/1934Date of Death: 04/07/2018Profession: promoter, publicist, media agentCountry: AustraliaState: New South WalesHarry Maurice Miller was a New Zealand Australian promoter, publicist and media agent.  


Obituary of Belgian football player Henri Dirickx

Name: Henri DirickxGender: maleDate of Birth: 07/07/1927Date of Death: 04/07/2018Profession: footballerCountry: BelgiumState: AntwerpenHenri Dirickx was a Belgian international footballer, who played as a defender


Obituary of Georges-Emmanuel Clancier

Name: Georges-Emmanuel ClancierGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/05/1914Date of Death: 04/07/2018Profession: Poet, Novelist, JournalistCountry: FranceState: ParisCity: ParisGeorges-Emmanuel Clancier was a French poet, novelist, and journalist. He won the Prix Goncourt (poetry), the Grand Prize of the Académie française, and the grand prize…


Obituary of Mrs.Irene Hannah Swarnabai

Name: Irene Hannah SwarnabaiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 03/02/1937Date of Death: 02/06/2018Last rites: FUneral service at St.Thomas English Church, Santhome, ChennaiLast Rites Starts At: 12/06/2018 15:30Married By: P.Samuel RajahCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of C.Kalyani

Name: C.KalyaniGender: femaleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of K.Srinivasan

Name: K.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


10th anniversary of N.Mangalam

Name: N.MangalamGender: femaleDate of Death: 29/06/2008Married By: P.N.NeelakandanProfession: DieticianCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Saumya Venkatakrishnan

Name: Saumya VenkatakrishnanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 18/03/1936Date of Death: 27/06/2018Married By: A.VenkatakrishnanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Mrs.Nirmala Tharoor

Name: Nirmala TharoorGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Principal, Valliammal College for women.


Obituary of Smt.N.B.Bala

Name: N.B.BalaGender: femaleDate of Death: 27/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Ravi Kesavan

Name: Ravi KesavanGender: maleDate of Death: 28/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Jerry Manuel

Name: Jerry ManuelGender: maleDate of Birth: 14/08/1937Date of Death: 21/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of P.S.Saivani

Name: P.S.SaivaniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 30/12/1969Date of Death: 21/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by husband and daughtersMarried By: P.SridharCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


2nd anniversary of M.Rajakanthi

Name: M.RajakanthiGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/01/1960Date of Death: 02/06/2016Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


3rd anniversary of N.Kalyani

Name: N.KalyaniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 05/07/1932Date of Death: 02/06/2015Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Mrs.Lakshmi Sundaresan

Name: Lakshmi SundaresanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 21/06/1935Date of Death: 01/06/2018Married By: V.SundaresanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of T.M.Srinivasan

Name: T.M.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 01/06/2018Married By: MaliniCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Mrs. Grace Thomas

Name: Grace ThomasGender: femaleDate of Death: 31/05/2018Last rites: FuneralLast Rites Starts At: 03/06/2018 16:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


30th anniversary of M.A.Krishnaswamy

Name: M.A.KrishnaswamyGender: maleDate of Death: 04/06/1988Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFounder, Krishnaswamy Educational Trust, Chennai


Demise of Dr.Kingsley Arasakumar

Name: Kingsley ArasakumarGender: maleDate of Death: 03/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired professor of History, Nandanam Arts College


8th anniversary of D.Chellakani

Name: D.ChellakaniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/01/1944Date of Death: 04/06/2010Message: Fondly remembered by family and staffsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFounder Director, CeeDeeYes


Obituary of Mrs.S.P.Vasantha

Name: S.P.VasanthaGender: femaleDate of Death: 27/05/2018Married By: K.HariharasubramanianCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


17th anniversary of Mrs.Lakshmi

Name: LakshmiGender: femaleDate of Death: 03/06/2001Message: Fondly remembered by family membersMarried By: D.RangaswamyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


13th anniversary of C.N.Hari

Name: C.N.HariGender: maleDate of Birth: 31/05/1966Date of Death: 03/06/2005Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.Ravichandran

Name: RavichandranGender: maleDate of Death: 02/06/2018Profession: DoctorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Rukmini Chinnaswami

Name: Rukmini ChinnaswamiGender: femaleDate of Death: 02/06/2018Married By: P.S.ChinnaswamiCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Prema Shakespeare

Name: Prema ShakespeareGender: femaleDate of Birth: 09/06/1943Date of Death: 24/05/2018Married By: Raja ShakespeareCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of R.Samuel

Name: R.SamuelGender: maleDate of Death: 02/06/2018Last rites: Funeral Service at CSI Risen Redeemer’s Church, United India Colony, KodambakkamLast Rites Starts At: 03/06/2018 15:30Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise Mrs.V.N.Latha

Name: V.N.LathaGender: femaleDate of Death: 29/05/2018Last rites: Dasasthu at sathyanarayana theertham, Besant Nagar, Ch-90Last Rites Starts At: 07/06/2018Married By: NarayananCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Admin officer – Advocate General’s Office, High Court, Chennai


Remembrance of M.Rathnasamy

Name: M.RathnasamyGender: maleDate of Birth: 12/03/1927Date of Death: 09/06/2011Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Remembrance of R.Rajalakshmi

Name: R.RajalakshmiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 09/04/1933Date of Death: 18/06/2005Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


12th anniversary of Dr.K.Rajendran

Name: K.RajendranGender: maleDate of Death: 09/06/2006Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Director of Medical & Rural Services


Obituary of Dhirajlal Manilal Sanghvi

Name: Dhirajlal Manilal SanghviGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of V.R.Ramesh Kumar

Name: V.R.Ramesh KumarGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Married By: SumathiCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of V.R.Srinivasan

Name: V.R.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Birth: 23/04/1953Date of Death: 08/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


14th anniversary of Justice A.Subbulakshmi

Name: A.SubbulakshmiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/02/1940Date of Death: 08/06/2004Message: Fondly remembered by family members and relativesProfession: JudgeJudge, High Court, Madras(Retired)


4th anniversary of Smt.M.Sasirekha Amma

Name: M.Sasirekha AmmaGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/08/1923Date of Death: 08/06/2014Married By: V.Balarama ReddyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.R.Vedavalli

Name: R.VedavalliGender: femaleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Married By: N.M.RajagopalanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


2nd anniversary of S.Shanmugavadivel

Name: S.ShanmugavadivelGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2016Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetd. Assistant Commissioner of labour, Chennai


Demise of K.Radhakrishnan

Name: K.RadhakrishnanGender: maleDate of Death: 07/06/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 08/06/2018 13:00Married By: Usha RaniCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Sivakama Sundari

Name: Sivakama SundariGender: femaleDate of Death: 07/06/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 08/06/2018 12:30Married By: R.GanesanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.C.Yogambal

Name: C.YogambalGender: femaleDate of Death: 07/06/2018Married By: S.ChandrasekaranCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


21st anniversary of C.S.Hariharan

Name: C.S.HariharanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 29/12/1909Date of Death: 12/06/1997Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFounder, C.S.Hariharan & Co.


Sad demise of Sri.K.Rajagopalan

Name: K.RajagopalanGender: maleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Meteorological Forecaster


Obituary of Mrs.Vimala Oliver

Name: Vimala OliverGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Married By: T.J.OliverCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Head Mistress, Corporation High School, Chennai


Obituary of Shri.S.Jayakumar

Name: S.JayakumarGender: maleDate of Birth: 28/08/1947Date of Death: 18/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


In loving memory of N.Nammalwar

Name: N.NammalwarGender: maleDate of Birth: 20/06/1946Date of Death: 19/06/2017Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiHOD, Dept. of English, DRBCCC Hindu College


Death anniversary of Dr.Jeppiar

Name: JeppiarGender: maleDate of Birth: 11/06/1931Date of Death: 18/06/2016Married By: Remibai JeppiaarCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiJesuadimai Pangu Raj, also known as Jeppiaar or J.P.R., was an Indian politician, educationist, and industrialist.


Obituary of T.P.Sankaran

Name: T.P.SankaranGender: maleDate of Death: 24/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.Chandra Barathan

Name: Chandra BarathanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 12/05/1933Date of Death: 18/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


9th anniversary of Sri.P.V.Narayanan Iyer

Name: P.V.Narayanan IyerGender: maleDate of Birth: 13/10/1921Date of Death: 17/06/2009Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFounder, Hindustan Trading Company


11th anniversary of Shri.PSTS Thiraviaratnam

Name: PSTS ThiraviaratnamGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/03/1921Date of Death: 17/06/2007Message: Fondly remembered by family, employees and associates of PSTSCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of Kishore Barai

Name: Kishore BaraiGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/11/1936Date of Death: 15/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of Smt.Shankari Natrajan

Name: Shankari NatrajanGender: femaleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Message: Mourned by son N.KumarMarried By: A.NatrajanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.Joseph Henry

Name: Dr.Joseph HenryGender: maleDate of Death: 15/06/2018Married By: PremaCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Mr.N.Ragavan

Name: N.RagavanGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/08/1941Date of Death: 16/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Rachel Manuel

Name: Rachel ManuelGender: femaleDate of Death: 16/06/2018Last rites: Funeral Service at Jerusalem Marthoma Church, Anna NagarLast Rites Starts At: 17/06/2018 11:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


2nd anniversary of K.Marimuthu

Name: K.MarimuthuGender: maleDate of Death: 21/06/2016Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Deputy secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu


3rd anniversary of M.A.Vinod

Name: M.A.VinodGender: maleDate of Death: 21/06/2015Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired General Manager, TNSC Bank


Obituary of M.Sukumara Rajan

Name: M.Sukumara RajanGender: maleDate of Death: 05/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Manager, State Bank of India


Obituary of Delwyn Charles Jacob

Name: Delwyn Charles JacobGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/12/1937Date of Death: 16/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Charles Mark Killgore

Name: Charles Mark KillgoreGender: maleDate of Birth: 22/05/1930Date of Death: 20/06/2018Profession: US Air ForceCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Roscoe High School


Obituary of Mildred James Mann

Name: Mildred James MannGender: femaleDate of Death: 21/06/2018Married By: Herman MannCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Woodrow Wilson HS


Obituary of Barbara McCrea

Name: Barbara McCreaGender: femaleDate of Death: 01/07/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


In memory of Leon Hall

Name: Leon HallGender: maleDate of Death: 01/07/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Paula Dorette Douglass

Name: Paula Dorette DouglassGender: femaleDate of Birth: 01/12/1942Date of Death: 30/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Victor Eagle

Name: Victor EagleGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/05/1927Date of Death: 25/06/2018Profession: US Air ForceCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Linda Morris Elsey

Name: Linda Morris ElseyGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Abilene High SchoolCollege: Baylor University


Obituary of Jannette Kay Green-Smith

Name: Jannette Kay Green-SmithGender: femaleDate of Death: 30/06/2018Last rites: A memorial service will be held at, (IBOC) Inspiring Body of Christ Church located at 7701 S. Westmoreland Road, Dallas Texas 75237.Last Rites Starts At:…


Obituary of Charles Clifton Cobb

Name: Charles Clifton CobbGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/08/1934Date of Death: 08/06/2018Married By: Donna L. CobbProfession: US NavyCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Lillie Ruth Couch

Name: Lillie Ruth CouchGender: femaleDate of Birth: 18/12/1927Date of Death: 29/06/2018Married By: Earl Couch Jr.Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: University of Texas


Obituary of Vivian Deas

Name: Vivian DeasGender: maleDate of Death: 02/07/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


In memory of Percy Hillman

Name: Percy HillmanGender: femaleDate of Death: 02/07/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


In memory of JoAnn Jurica

Name: JoAnn JuricaGender: femaleDate of Death: 02/07/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Ken Wood

Name: Ken WoodGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/10/1929Date of Death: 16/06/2018Country: AustraliaState: VictoriaCity: MelbourneKen Wood was an Australian swimmer and swimming coach and a three-time Olympic medal winner. He was the head coach at the Redcliffe Leagues Swimming Club at Redcliffe,…


Obituary of Greek actress Maria Martika

Name: Maria MartikaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/05/1932Date of Death: 01/06/2018Profession: Television film actressCountry: GreeceState: AtticaCity: AcharnesMaria Martika was a Greek stage, television, and film actress. She became known for the series We and We, To Retire and Penthouse.


Obituary of Pauline Rose Senkow

Name: Pauline Rose SenkowGender: femaleDate of Birth: 02/09/1940Date of Death: 27/06/2018Married By: SimonCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Jack Mccarthy

Name: Jack MccarthyGender: maleDate of Death: 23/06/2018Profession: artist/musician, plumber, orchardist, rancher, businessmanCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Georgina Mary Johnson

Name: Georgina Mary JohnsonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/12/1935Date of Death: 22/06/2018Last rites: A Celebration of Georgina’s life will be held at 4842 Alder Crescent, Wasa Lake, BCLast Rites Starts At: 30/06/2018 16:00Country: CanadaState: British…


Obituary of Norah Dennis

Name: Norah DennisGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/06/1923Date of Death: 22/06/2018Married By: Jim DennisCountry: CanadaState: British ColumbiaNorah is an RAF Veteran


Obituary of Emily Junod

Name: Emily JunodGender: femaleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Married By: PaulCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Miroslav Edward Vydra

Name: Miroslav Edward VydraGender: maleDate of Birth: 20/08/1933Date of Death: 22/06/2018Married By: MarcelaCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Bob Slavik

Name: Bob SlavikGender: maleDate of Death: 17/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Ken Grant

Name: Ken GrantGender: maleDate of Death: 26/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of John Edward Horgan

Name: John Edward HorganGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/09/1946Date of Death: 18/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of George Franz

Name: George FranzGender: maleDate of Birth: 11/08/1930Date of Death: 18/06/2018Married By: NatalieCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Ernie Hunt

Name: Ernie HuntGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/03/1943Date of Death: 20/06/2018Profession: Football PlayerCountry: United KingdomState: EnglandCity: GloucesterCause of death: Alzheimer’s diseaseRoger Patrick “Ernie” Hunt was an English footballer who played in the Football League for Swindon Town, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton, Coventry City, Doncaster Rovers and Bristol…


Obituary of Sophie Gradon

Name: Sophie GradonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/10/1985Date of Death: 20/06/2018Profession: ModelCountry: United KingdomState: EnglandCity: Newcastle upon TyneSchool: Dame Allan’s School Sophie Gradon was an English model and marketing manager. In 2008, she won Miss…


Obituary of Norman Godman

Name: Norman GodmanGender: maleDate of Birth: 19/04/1937Date of Death: 20/06/2018Profession: politicianCountry: United KingdomState: ScotlandCity: GlasgowNorman Anthony Godman was a Scottish Labour Party politician.


Obituary of Ken Albiston

Name: Ken AlbistonGender: maleDate of Birth: 11/11/1926Date of Death: 20/06/2018Profession: Football PlayerCountry: AustraliaState: VictoriaCity: MelbourneKenneth Ian Albiston was an Australian rules footballer who played for Richmond and Melbourne in the VFL


Obituary of Laurence Street

Name: Laurence StreetGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/07/1926Date of Death: 21/06/2018Profession: CommodoreCountry: AustraliaState: New South WalesSir Laurence Whistler Street was an Australian jurist; formerly the fourteenth and second youngest Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South…


Obituary of Hugh Stuckey

Name: Hugh StuckeyGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/07/1928Date of Death: 21/06/2018Married By: Barbara MauriceProfession: writerCountry: AustraliaState: VictoriaCity: MelbourneHugh Clifford Stuckey was a comedy and drama writer, with credits writing for television, film, radio and commercials in Australia…


Obituary of John Gaulton Hubbard

Name: John Gaulton HubbardGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/12/1930Date of Death: 21/06/2018Profession: Football PlayerCountry: South AfricaState: GautengCity: PretoriaJohn Gaulton Hubbard, was a South African footballer. Hubbard spent the majority of his career at Scottish club Rangers, and…


Obituary of Francesco Forleo

Name: Francesco ForleoGender: maleDate of Birth: 13/11/1941Date of Death: 24/06/2018Profession: politicianCountry: ItalyState: LazioCity: RomeFrancesco Forleo was an Italian politician who served as a Deputy from 1987 to 1994


Obituary of actress Štefka Drolc

Name: Štefka DrolcGender: femaleDate of Birth: 22/12/1923Date of Death: 25/06/2018Married By: Jože BabičProfession: ActressCountry: SloveniaState: BenediktCity: SkofljicaŠtefka Drolc , full name Štefanija Ana Drolc, was one of the most widely recognised Slovenian theatre and film actresses.


Obituary of Jesús Cardenal

Name: Jesús CardenalGender: maleDate of Birth: 20/02/1930Date of Death: 25/06/2018Profession: Attorney General Country: SpainState: MadridCity: MadridJesús Cardenal Fernández was a Spanish lawyer who served as Attorney General from 1997 to 2004.


Obituary of Andrey Dementyev

Name: Andrey DementyevGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/07/1928Date of Death: 26/06/2018Profession: PoetCountry: RussiaState: MoscowCity: MoscowAndrey Dmitriyevich Dementyev was a Russian and Soviet poet, a laureate of Lenin’s Young Communist League Award (1981), a USSR State Prize (1985), and…


Obituary of Harold Davis

Name: Harold DavisGender: maleDate of Birth: 10/05/1933Date of Death: 26/06/2018Profession: Football PlayerCountry: United KingdomState: ScotlandCity: GlasgowHarold Davis was a Scottish professional footballer, who was best known for his time with Rangers.


Obituary of Vladimir Andreyevich Uspensky

Name: Vladimir Andreyevich UspenskyGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/11/1930Date of Death: 27/06/2018Profession: mathematician, linguist, writerCountry: RussiaState: MoscowCity: MoscowVladimir A. Uspensky was a Russian mathematician, linguist, writer, doctor of physics and mathematics


Obituary of ABC Journalist Liz Jackson

Name: Liz JacksonGender: maleDate of Death: 27/06/2018Married By: Martin ButlerProfession: JournalistCountry: AustraliaState: VictoriaCity: MelbourneLiz Jackson was an Australian journalist and barrister noted for her work on the Four Corners and Media Watch television programs. She received nine Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism.


Obituary of Domenico Losurdo

Name: Domenico LosurdoGender: maleDate of Birth: 14/11/1941Date of Death: 28/06/2018Profession: philosopher, historianCountry: ItalyState: BariCollege: University of UrbinoDomenico Losurdo was an Italian Marxist philosopher and historian.


Obituary of To fart Baggerman

Name: To fart BaggermanGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/05/1931Date of Death: 17/06/2018Married By: AnneCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Helena Tavares

Name: Helena TavaresGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/08/1925Date of Death: 17/06/2018Married By: Agostinho TavaresCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Perry Giguere

Name: Perry GiguereGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/12/1950Date of Death: 17/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Charlotte Hynes

Name: Charlotte HynesGender: femaleDate of Death: 18/06/2018Last rites: Mass of Christian Burial will be held at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, 740 View Street, Victoria, BCLast Rites Starts At: 25/06/2018 12:00Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Paul Bryan Gaunt

Name: Paul Bryan GauntGender: maleDate of Birth: 28/12/1962Date of Death: 15/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Michalina Denesiuk

Name: Michalina DenesiukGender: femaleDate of Birth: 12/04/1930Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Orval Lyle Stanley

Name: Orval Lyle StanleyGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/06/1935Date of Death: 31/05/2018Message: Orval will be lovingly remembered by this three daughters, Penny (Neil) Larson, Patty (Mike) Raeburn and Susan (Randy) Cleverley. “Bumpa” will be remembered…


Obituary of Robert James Hawkes

Name: Robert James HawkesGender: maleDate of Birth: 18/08/1950Date of Death: 22/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Gladys V. Browne

Name: Gladys V. BrowneGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/02/1922Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Dennis Newton

Name: Dennis NewtonGender: maleDate of Birth: 30/03/1943Date of Death: 18/06/2018Married By: BarbaraCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Antonio Bastone

Name: Antonio BastoneGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/01/1957Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Jean Ann Wood

Name: Jean Ann WoodGender: femaleDate of Birth: 22/04/1942Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of May Beatrice Rozairo

Name: May Beatrice RozairoGender: femaleDate of Birth: 28/07/1926Date of Death: 22/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Polly Postnikoff

Name: Polly PostnikoffGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/03/1932Date of Death: 13/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Helen Burns

Name: Helen BurnsGender: femaleDate of Birth: 05/09/1930Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Nasib Kaur Sunnar

Name: Nasib Kaur SunnarGender: femaleDate of Birth: 10/06/1920Date of Death: 21/06/2018Last rites: A funeral service is scheduled at H.W. Wallace Cremation and Burial-5285 Polkey Rd, Duncan, BC,Last Rites Starts At: 30/06/2018 10:00Country: CanadaState: British…


Obituary of Robert John Hanson

Name: Robert John HansonGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/07/1944Date of Death: 23/06/2018Married By: DawnCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Angelina Giannetto

Name: Angelina GiannettoGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/03/1932Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Mercedes Frykberg

Name: Mercedes FrykbergGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/06/1952Date of Death: 22/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Lorne Wayne Wingert

Name: Lorne Wayne WingertGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/01/1955Date of Death: 18/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Mary Saunders

Name: Mary SaundersGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/03/1925Date of Death: 22/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Dorothy Laverne Miller

Name: Dorothy Laverne MillerGender: femaleDate of Birth: 08/08/1923Date of Death: 23/06/2018Last rites: A Graveside Service and Interment will be held at Royal Oak Burial ParkLast Rites Starts At: 07/07/2018 13:00Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of John Edward Lebo

Name: John Edward LeboGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/03/1932Date of Death: 23/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Clarice Seaton

Name: Clarice SeatonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 06/08/1923Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Anna Gomola

Name: Anna GomolaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/07/1923Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Donald McLaren Ellison

Name: Donald McLaren EllisonGender: maleDate of Death: 23/06/2018Message: Mourning his passing are his wife Laura, daughter Caleigh (Colin), grandchildren Mikayla and Daniel of Rossland, sister Janice (Roy) of Castlegar, brothers Cam (Carol) of Gibsons,…


Obituary of France Kugler

Name: France KuglerGender: femaleDate of Birth: 24/09/1944Date of Death: 24/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Ronald Lister

Name: Ronald ListerGender: maleDate of Birth: 20/06/1936Date of Death: 22/06/2018Married By: GerdaCountry: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of George E.Rempel

Name: George E.RempelGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/04/1934Date of Death: 25/06/2018Country: CanadaState: British Columbia


Obituary of Photographer David Goldblatt

Name: David GoldblattGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/11/1930Date of Death: 25/06/2018Profession: PhotographerCountry: South AfricaState: GautengCity: RandfonteinDavid Goldblatt was a South African photographer noted for his portrayal of South Africa during the period of apartheid and more recently that country’s landscapes. 


Obituary of Jerzy Pietrusiak

Name: Jerzy PietrusiakGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/07/1930Date of Death: 20/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Oshawa


Obituary of Wayne Giroux

Name: Wayne GirouxGender: maleDate of Death: 17/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Port Perry


Obituary of Sandra Anne Nielsen

Name: Sandra Anne NielsenGender: femaleDate of Death: 16/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: OshawaCause of death: Cancer


20th anniversary of G.S.Srinivasan

Name: G.S.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Birth: 10/05/1925Date of Death: 05/06/1998Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Principal, Central Training Institute, Chennai


Sad demise of Mr.T.V.G.Nair

Name: T.V.G.NairGender: maleDate of Birth: 04/09/1944Date of Death: 04/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Smt.K.Meenakshi

Name: K.MeenakshiGender: femaleDate of Birth: 12/12/1938Date of Death: 04/06/2018Married By: S.KrishnamoorthyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of J.Ramani

Name: J.RamaniGender: maleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 06/06/2018Profession: Wing CommanderCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Air Force, Tambaram


11th anniversary of Alandur Jaya Gopal

Name: Alandur Jaya GopalGender: maleDate of Birth: 23/11/1922Date of Death: 06/06/2007Message: Fondly remembered by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Chief Engineer IDSE


Obituary of P.K.Ramanan

Name: P.K.RamananGender: maleDate of Death: 05/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired DGM, Chettinad Cements


Obituary of K.V.Unnikrishnan

Name: K.V.UnnikrishnanGender: maleDate of Death: 24/04/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Karuveli M.Gopalan

Name: Karuveli M.GopalanGender: maleDate of Death: 05/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired CTTI,  Southern Railway


Obituary of Lalitha S.Kalyanaraman

Name: Lalitha S.KalyanaramanGender: femaleDate of Death: 02/06/2018Last rites: Dasasthu at Sat Anuragh, 16, Ashtalakshmi Street, Muthulakshmi Nagar, Chitlapakkam, Chennai-64Last Rites Starts At: 11/06/2018 08:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


1st year anniversary of S.Rohini

Name: S.RohiniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 06/01/1955Date of Death: 07/06/2017Married By: G.SampathCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of Sri.N.Sitharama Iyer

Name: N.Sitharama IyerGender: maleDate of Death: 29/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Indian Bank Officer.


Obituary of P.Prabhakaran

Name: P.PrabhakaranGender: maleDate of Death: 07/06/2018Married By: P.RajeshwariCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of R.Ganapathy

Name: R.GanapathyGender: maleDate of Death: 02/06/2018Last rites: Dasasthu at Mahadeva Theertham, East Mada st. ThiruvanmiyurLast Rites Starts At: 11/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiSouth Central Railway, retired.


Obituary of Tejas

Name: TejasGender: maleDate of Death: 05/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of T.Hariharan

Name: T.HariharanGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/12/1929Date of Death: 06/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


9th year anniversary of C.Jaikanth

Name: C.JaikanthGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/10/1972Date of Death: 07/06/2009Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiDirector, Jaibalaji control gears Pvt.Ltd


Sad demise of Mrs.Mercy Karunakaran

Name: Mercy KarunakaranGender: femaleDate of Death: 06/06/2018Last Rites Starts At: 07/06/2018 08:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired teacher, CSI Bain School, Kilpauk


Sad demise of G.Palani Mudaliar

Name: G.Palani MudaliarGender: maleDate of Death: 06/06/2018Last Rites Starts At: 07/06/2018 10:30Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiProprietor, Padmaram Mahal


Sad demise of T.V.Ramanarayanan

Name: T.V.RamanarayananGender: maleDate of Death: 05/06/2018Last Rites Starts At: 07/06/2018 10:00Country: IndiaState: KeralaCity: Ernakulam


13th anniversary of K.Eashwar

Name: K.EashwarGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/08/1996Date of Death: 29/05/2005Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.Choodamani Rajagopalan

Name: Smt.Choodamani RajagopalanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 19/03/1930Date of Death: 20/05/2018Married By: N.S.RajagopalanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Jaya Chandrasekaran

Name: Jaya ChandrasekaranGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/06/1931Date of Death: 27/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Patrick S. Finnell

Name: Patrick S. FinnellGender: maleDate of Birth: 30/12/1965Date of Death: 23/06/2007Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Dorothy Holt

Name: Dorothy HoltGender: femaleDate of Birth: 15/01/1924Date of Death: 19/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Wren Allen Worley

Name: Wren Allen WorleyGender: maleDate of Death: 22/06/2018Married By: VirginiaCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Lena Naboshek

Name: Lena NaboshekGender: femaleDate of Birth: 22/01/1923Date of Death: 07/06/2018Married By: Joel NaboshekCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Lynda Joy Martin Norwood

Name: Lynda Joy Martin NorwoodGender: femaleDate of Birth: 30/08/1939Date of Death: 11/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCause of death: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


In memory of Missy Sims

Name: Missy SimsGender: maleDate of Death: 24/06/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of John Allen Smith

Name: John Allen SmithGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Married By: MichelleCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: University of Houston


Obituary of Cary Tobolka

Name: Cary TobolkaGender: maleDate of Death: 19/06/2018Last rites: Memorial services will be held at St. Patrick’s Church, 9643 Ferndale Rd. Dallas, Tx 75238Last Rites Starts At: 25/06/2018 10:00Married By: Mary Kwilosz TobolkaCountry: United StatesState:…


Obituary of Craig Michael Vecchiola

Name: Craig Michael VecchiolaGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/03/1951Date of Death: 18/06/2018Last rites: Funeral Mass at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 5100 West Plano Parkway, 75093.Last Rites Starts At: 29/06/2018 15:00Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCause…


Obituary of Claude Edward Landers

Name: Claude Edward LandersGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/12/1942Date of Death: 22/06/2018Last rites: A Christian Funeral Service will be held at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home Chapel in Allen, Texas.Last Rites Starts At: 26/06/2018 14:00Married By: AnnCountry:…


Obituary of Eddie Lynn Lauderdale

Name: Eddie Lynn LauderdaleGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/12/1948Date of Death: 19/06/2018Married By: MargaCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of James Michael McPherson

Name: James Michael McPhersonGender: maleDate of Death: 12/06/2018Married By: SuzyProfession: Police OfficerCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasMike was employed as a Manager with AT&T for 30 years and was a former Dallas Police Officer. 


Obituary of Deborah Crouch

Name: Deborah CrouchGender: femaleDate of Birth: 14/01/1935Date of Death: 19/06/2018Married By: Bill CrouchCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: Drew University


Obituary of Jane Holmgren

Name: Jane HolmgrenGender: femaleDate of Birth: 09/01/1936Date of Death: 08/06/2018Married By: Dr. Gary L. HolmgrenCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Highland Park High SchoolCollege: Southern Methodist University


Obituary of Griffin Buchanan Howard

Name: Griffin Buchanan HowardGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/08/1929Date of Death: 16/06/2018Married By: Joan Ann HowardCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: Troy State Teachers college


1st year remembrance of Patsy May Agnes

Name: Patsy May AgnesGender: femaleDate of Birth: 13/11/1937Date of Death: 14/06/2018Last rites: Funeral services will be held at Rest Haven Funeral Home – Rockwall.Last Rites Starts At: 24/06/2018 18:00Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of James Gray Clement

Name: James Gray ClementGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/07/1941Date of Death: 19/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCollege: University of Kansas


Obituary of P.Devaraj

Name: P.DevarajGender: maleDate of Birth: 24/11/1946Date of Death: 12/06/2018Message: Lovingly remembered by wife, children and grand childrenLast rites: Funeral at St.George’s Cathedral, Cathedral Road, Chennai-86Last Rites Starts At: 13/06/2018 16:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Shri.M.Meenakshisundaram

Name: M.MeenakshisundaramGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Last rites: 16th day ceremonyLast Rites Starts At: 24/06/2018 08:01Profession: AdvocateCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of Shobhana Radhakrishnan

Name: Shobhana RadhakrishnanGender: femaleDate of Death: 12/06/2018Married By: K.RadhakrishnanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Marath Balachandra Menon

Name: Marath Balachandra MenonGender: maleDate of Birth: 28/03/1934Date of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: Karumathil JanakiCountry: IndiaState: KeralaCity: Guruvayur


11th anniversary of B.K.Mardi

Name: B.K.MardiGender: maleDate of Birth: 04/05/1924Date of Death: 13/06/2007Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.Jambakam Ramamoorthy

Name: Smt.Jambakam RamamoorthyGender: femaleDate of Birth: 13/03/1929Date of Death: 10/06/2018Last rites: Dasasthu at sathyanarayana Theertham, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90Last Rites Starts At: 19/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of P.V.Srinivasan

Name: P.V.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired chief manager, ICICI Bank.


Obituary of Dr.N.R.Manivannan

Name: N.R.ManivannanGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/07/1930Date of Death: 03/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of K.C.Jagadiswara Iyer

Name: K.C.Jagadiswara IyerGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/10/1931Date of Death: 12/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiADG(finance) – Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India


Obituary of C.B.Ramakrishna

Name: C.B.RamakrishnaGender: maleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by Children, Grand children and great grand children,Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Chief Engineer, Indian Railways.


Sad demise of Radha Menon

Name: Radha MenonGender: femaleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


3rd anniversary of Mr.C.N.Ramdas

Name: C.N.RamdasGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/10/1937Date of Death: 15/06/2015Profession: IASCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of M.R.Krishnamurthy

Name: M.R.KrishnamurthyGender: maleDate of Birth: 25/04/1929Date of Death: 12/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Mr.Thangam Subbhia

Name: Thangam SubbhiaGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/07/1942Date of Death: 14/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by friends and family.Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.P.Karuppaswamy

Name: P.KaruppaswamyGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiProfessor of Surgery


Obituary of BMC Nayar

Name: BMC NayarGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


3rd anniversary of Dr.P.Alli Periyanayaki

Name: P.Alli PeriyanayakiGender: femaleDate of Death: 16/06/2015Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: PalayamkottaiRetired Dean of Science, Sarah Tucker College, Palayamkottai


Obituary of S.Alagammai

Name: S.AlagammaiGender: femaleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by S.Rajamanickam and familyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Dr.Mrs.R.Rukmani

Name: R.RukmaniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 28/09/1944Date of Death: 14/06/2018Profession: ProfessorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFormer Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics


Obituary of Shri V.Nandagopal

Name: V.NandagopalGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/03/1929Date of Death: 15/06/2018Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 15:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of E.V.Balasubramanian

Name: E.V.BalasubramanianGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/10/1936Date of Death: 06/06/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Mr.S.Ramamurthy

Name: S.RamamurthyGender: maleDate of Birth: 14/05/1932Date of Death: 15/06/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family and friends.Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Michael Boydston

Name: Michael BoydstonGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/06/1944Date of Death: 16/06/2018Married By: HarleneCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Blair Anne Adams

Name: Blair Anne AdamsGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/01/1953Date of Death: 15/06/2018Married By: Robert E. AdamsCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Christ the King Catholic High SchoolCollege: Texas Tech University


11th anniversary of R.Ramachandran

Name: R.RamachandranGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/01/1924Date of Death: 24/05/2017Message: Fondly remembered by family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Sarala Dinakar

Name: Sarala DinakarGender: femaleDate of Death: 23/05/2018Married By: K.S.DinakaranProfession: ProfessorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired professor of zoology, Bharati Women’s college


Obituary of K.Bhagavatheeshwaran

Name: K.BhagavatheeshwaranGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/01/1927Date of Death: 23/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of V.S.Nagarajan

Name: V.S.NagarajanGender: maleDate of Death: 23/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of R Narasimhan

Name: R NarasimhanGender: maleDate of Death: 22/05/2018Profession: Indian ArmyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Coimbatore


Obituary of P.K.Sabapathy

Name: P.K.SabapathyGender: maleDate of Death: 21/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Remembrance of V.Achuthan

Name: V.AchuthanGender: maleDate of Birth: 25/03/1958Date of Death: 13/05/2018Profession: AdvocateCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of K.Parthasarathy

Name: K.ParthasarathyGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/08/1941Date of Death: 21/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Er.D.Vasanthan

Name: D.VasanthanGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/09/1943Date of Death: 24/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Manager, Best  Crompton & Libiya Foundary


Obituary of Padma Ramanujam

Name: Padma RamanujamGender: femaleDate of Death: 22/05/2018Last rites: FUneral at Field view, 1, Bheemanna Street, Alwarpet, ChennaiLast Rites Starts At: 26/05/2018 08:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of MG Muthu

Name: MG MuthuGender: maleDate of Death: 24/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFounder Chairman, MG Muthu Group


Sad demise of Smt.Savitri Goel

Name: Savitri GoelGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by goel familyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Mrs.Thanam

Name: ThanamGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/05/2018Last rites: Cremation at ValasarawalkamLast Rites Starts At: 27/05/2018 10:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of V.Vedagiri

Name: V.VedagiriGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/12/1928Date of Death: 25/05/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 26/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of Savithri Bungaaruswamy

Name: Savithri BungaaruswamyGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of C.Gurumurthy

Name: C.GurumurthyGender: maleDate of Death: 25/05/2018Last rites: Cremation at HyderabadLast Rites Starts At: 27/06/2018 10:30Country: IndiaState: TelanganaCity: Hyderabad


6th anniversary of Veena Srinivasan

Name: Veena SrinivasanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 21/04/1962Date of Death: 26/05/2012Message: missed by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


3rd anniversary of Shantha Jambunathan

Name: Shantha JambunathanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 12/11/1942Date of Death: 26/05/2015Message: Fondly remembered by K.JambunathanMarried By: K.JambunathanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


4th anniversary of P.B.Srinivasan

Name: P.B.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 26/05/2014Message: Fondly remembered by Wife, daughters, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildrenCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiMadras Telephones. Retired


Obituary of Shri.P.H.Venkateshwaran

Name: P.H.VenkateshwaranGender: maleDate of Death: 17/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired director, department of telecommunications.


Sad demise of Dr.Vasantha Krishnaswamy

Name: Dr.Vasantha KrishnaswamyGender: femaleDate of Death: 25/05/2018Last rites: Last rites at Besant Nagar CrematoriumLast Rites Starts At: 27/05/2018Married By: P.KrishnaswamyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Jack Gilley

Name: Jack GilleyGender: maleDate of Birth: 05/12/1932Date of Death: 13/04/2018Married By: Rena KingProfession: United States ArmyCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Mary Hayes Holub

Name: Mary Hayes HolubGender: femaleDate of Birth: 01/09/1933Date of Death: 29/05/2018Married By: Daniel R. HolubCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Dolores Jordan

Name: Dolores JordanGender: femaleDate of Death: 12/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Dianne Carol Laffoon

Name: Dianne Carol LaffoonGender: femaleDate of Birth: 13/04/1947Date of Death: 05/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Westport High SchoolCollege: Murray State University


Obituary of Tipton F. McCubbins

Name: Tipton F. McCubbinsGender: maleDate of Birth: 09/07/1944Date of Death: 28/05/2018Married By: StefanieCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Ann Elizabeth Gieb McMurray

Name: Ann Elizabeth Gieb McMurrayGender: femaleDate of Death: 09/06/2018Last rites: A Memorial Service will be held at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, 8011 Douglas Avenue, Dallas, 75225.Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 11:00Married…


In memory of Joanne Clark

Name: Joanne ClarkGender: femaleDate of Death: 17/06/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Joe Curtis

Name: Joe CurtisGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Last rites: A funeral service will be held at Turrentine-Jackson-Morrow Funeral Home, 2525 Central Expressway North, Allen, Texas 75013.Last Rites Starts At: 19/06/2018 16:00Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasJoe…


Obituary of James Dorsey

Name: James DorseyGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Married By: Betty JoProfession: United States Marine CorpsCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasCause of death: Parkinson’s diseaseCollege: University of North Texas


Obituary of Amy Elizabeth Holden Dunn

Name: Amy Elizabeth Holden DunnGender: femaleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Married By: Theodore C. DunnCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital School of NursingShe was a member of the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corp,…


Obituary of Bill Chesnut

Name: Bill ChesnutGender: maleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Last rites: A celebration of Bill’s life will be held at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, 4124 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219Last Rites Starts At: 19/06/2018 12:00Married By: Mary…


Obituary of Weldon G. Claire

Name: Weldon G. ClaireGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/11/1927Date of Death: 08/06/2018Last rites: Catholic funeral services will be held at Restland Funeral Home Memorial Chapel.Last Rites Starts At: 22/06/2018 11:00Married By: Mary Nan SwettProfession: U.S….


Obituary of Ertha Sharp

Name: Ertha SharpGender: femaleDate of Death: 06/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Quada Lee Stone

Name: Quada Lee StoneGender: femaleDate of Birth: 16/04/1926Date of Death: 09/06/2018Married By: Herbert StoneCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Kelsa Waite

Name: Kelsa WaiteGender: femaleDate of Birth: 16/04/1952Date of Death: 25/05/2018Last rites: Memorial service will be held at Trinity Fellowship Church, 932 S Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081.Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 11:00Married By: David…


Obituary of Sue Tathwell Wille

Name: Sue Tathwell WilleDate of Birth: 12/07/1940Date of Death: 11/06/2018Married By: John HewittProfession: software systems analystCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasSchool: Palm Beach High School


In memory of Murdine Berry

Name: Murdine BerryGender: femaleDate of Death: 12/06/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


In memory of Linda Burks

Name: Linda BurksGender: femaleDate of Death: 12/06/2017Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Guadalupe O. Garcia

Name: Guadalupe O. GarciaGender: femaleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: Gilbert J. GarciaCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Daphene Rollins

Name: Daphene RollinsGender: femaleDate of Birth: 12/05/1937Date of Death: 12/06/2018Last rites: Memorial will be held at New Vida Church of God, 3727 W. Kiest Blvd, Dallas, TX, 75233.Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 14:30Country: United…


Obituary of John Francis Jacobs

Name: John Francis JacobsGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/02/1936Date of Death: 09/06/2018Last rites: The Celebration of Jack’s Life will be held at Highland Park Presbyterian Church, 3821 University Boulevard, Dallas, Texas, 75205Last Rites Starts At:…


Obituary of Jessalyn Gray Johnson

Name: Jessalyn Gray JohnsonGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Last rites: Funeral Service: Metropolitan Baptist Church, 1711 Reynoldston Ln., Dallas, TX 75232.Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 11:00Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Bobbie Collins Barnes

Name: Bobbie Collins BarnesGender: femaleDate of Birth: 30/05/1929Date of Death: 12/06/2018Last rites: Services will be held at Grove Hill Funeral Home.Last Rites Starts At: 14/06/2018 17:00Married By: Walter BarnesCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Jeanine Temple Hayes

Name: Jeanine Temple HayesGender: femaleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Last rites: A Memorial Celebration of Jeanine’s life will be held at the PLAN Clubhouse at Arapaho Gardens, 1121 Rockingham, Richardson TX 75080Last Rites Starts At: 15/06/2018…


Obituary of Robert Houlihan

Name: Robert HoulihanGender: maleDate of Birth: 18/04/1925Date of Death: 09/06/2018Married By: JacquelineProfession: US Navy Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: DallasHe was a World War II veteran, serving from 1943 to 1946 in the US Navy 


Obituary of Robert Keith Robinson

Name: Robert Keith RobinsonGender: maleDate of Birth: 14/03/1930Date of Death: 08/06/2018Married By: Joan Kelly RobinsonProfession: US ArmyCountry: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Elaine Russell Coffman

Name: Elaine Russell CoffmanGender: femaleDate of Birth: 18/05/1930Date of Death: 09/06/2018Last rites: A Celebration of Life will take place at Wilshire Baptist Church’s ChapelLast Rites Starts At: 19/06/2018 13:30Married By: Wesley Surber CoffmanCountry: United…


In memory of Jessonda Fox

Name: Jessonda FoxGender: femaleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Country: United StatesState: TexasCity: Dallas


Obituary of Russian film director Stanislav Govorukhin

Name: Stanislav GovorukhinGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/03/1936Date of Death: 14/06/2018Profession: Film DirectorCountry: RussiaState: PermCity: BereznikiStanislav Sergeyevich Govorukhin was one of the most popular Soviet and Russian film directors since the 1960s. His films, often featuring detective or adventure plots, are…


Obituary of Derek Sims

Name: Derek SimsGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Toronto


Obituary of Keith Joseph Tully

Name: Keith Joseph TullyGender: maleDate of Birth: 29/10/1930Date of Death: 12/06/2018Married By: JeanineCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Sarnia


Obituary of Angelo Damore

Name: Angelo DamoreGender: femaleDate of Death: 13/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mount Forest


Obituary of Julie Lafleur

Name: Julie LafleurGender: femaleDate of Death: 09/06/2018Last rites: The Liturgy of the Word will be celebrated in the chapel of the Wilson Funeral HomeLast Rites Starts At: 18/06/2018 11:30Married By: Victor LafleurCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity:…


Obituary of Ronald Turner

Name: Ronald TurnerGender: maleDate of Death: 14/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Huntsville


Obituary of Franco Castillo

Name: Franco CastilloGender: maleDate of Birth: 22/09/1933Date of Death: 12/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Brampton


Obituary of Jon Hiseman

Name: Jon HisemanGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/06/1944Date of Death: 12/06/2018Profession: drummer, recording engineer, record producer and music publisherCountry: United KingdomState: EnglandCity: ManchesterCause of death: Brain TumorPhilip John “Jon” Hiseman was an English drummer, recording engineer, record producer and music publisher.


Obituary of Stan Anderson

Name: Stan AndersonGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/02/1933Date of Death: 10/06/2018Profession: Football PlayerCountry: United KingdomState: EnglandCity: Horsham


Obituary of Paddy Feeny

Name: Paddy FeenyGender: maleDate of Birth: 25/04/1931Date of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: DeeProfession: Radio presenterCountry: United KingdomState: LondonCity: LondonPaddy Feeny was a British broadcaster. He was a presenter of the BBC World Service’s Saturday Special (later renamed Sportsworld) programme…


Obituary of Ben Hills

Name: Ben HillsGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: AustraliaState: New South WalesBen Hills was an Australian freelance journalist and author.


Obituary of Deborah Cameron

Name: Deborah CameronGender: femaleDate of Death: 09/06/2018Country: AustraliaState: New South WalesDeborah Anne Cameron was an Australian journalist and radio presenter based in Sydney. 


Obituary of George Grubb

Name: George GrubbGender: maleDate of Death: 09/06/2018Married By: LizCountry: United KingdomState: ScotlandCity: AberdeenSchool: James Gillespie’s Boys School, EdinburghCollege: University of EdinburghGeorge D. W. Grubb was the Lord Provost and ex officio Lord-Lieutenant of Edinburgh from May 2007 until May 2012….


Obituary of Fernand Brown

Name: Fernand BrownGender: maleDate of Death: 12/06/2018Married By: Henriette CameronCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Hawkesbury


Obituary of Maria Bettencourt

Name: Maria BettencourtGender: femaleDate of Birth: 19/04/1937Date of Death: 12/06/2018Last rites: Funeral Service will be held in the ChapelLast Rites Starts At: 15/06/2018 09:00Married By: John DaSilvaCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mississauga


Obituary of Russell George Simpson

Name: Russell George SimpsonGender: maleDate of Birth: 10/07/1923Date of Death: 09/06/2018Married By: Betty SimpsonCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: NobletonProud World War II Veteran who served in the Navy on the H.M.C.S. Sarnia; Toronto Fire Department Captain…


Obituary of Patrick Murray

Name: Patrick MurrayGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/07/1941Date of Death: 10/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Hawkesbury


Obituary of David Charles Taylor

Name: David Charles TaylorGender: maleDate of Birth: 11/11/1943Date of Death: 11/06/2018Married By: Blanche GervaisCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Midland


Obituary of Betty Tylee

Name: Betty TyleeGender: femaleDate of Death: 28/05/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Huntsville


Obituary of Mijo Mike

Name: Mijo MikeGender: maleDate of Birth: 28/11/1931Date of Death: 13/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mississauga


Obituary of Joanna Filipczyk

Name: Joanna FilipczykGender: femaleDate of Birth: 14/02/1924Date of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mississauga


Obituary of Angela Fowler

Name: Angela FowlerGender: femaleDate of Birth: 21/09/1925Date of Death: 13/06/2018Last rites: A funeral mass will be celebrated at St Peter the Apostle Church in North BayLast Rites Starts At: 19/06/2018 10:00Married By: HiltonCountry: CanadaState:…


Obituary of Mary Bolczak

Name: Mary BolczakGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/03/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Oakville


Obituary of Jack Leystra

Name: Jack LeystraGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: BettyCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Petrolia


Obituary of David gray

Name: David grayGender: maleDate of Death: 06/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Oakville


Obituary of Rae Yates

Name: Rae YatesGender: femaleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Ingersoll


Obituary of Brenda Belle Bedard

Name: Brenda Belle BedardGender: femaleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Married By: Wayne LavoieCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Cornwall


Obituary of James William Lovean

Name: James William LoveanGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Last rites: A Graveside Committal Service will be held at the Webbwood Protestant CemeteryLast Rites Starts At: 08/07/2018 11:00Married By: LoisCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Sudbury


Obituary of Roger Leduc

Name: Roger LeducGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Hawkesbury


Obituary of Maria Celina Faria

Name: Maria Celina FariaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 07/10/1929Date of Death: 11/06/2018Married By: Antonio FariaCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Oakville


Obituary of Anne Geraldine Black

Name: Anne Geraldine BlackGender: femaleDate of Death: 03/06/2018Last rites: A Celebration of Life will be held at the Egan Funeral Home, 203 Queen Street S. (Hwy 50), Bolton (905-857-2213)Last Rites Starts At: 12/06/2018 13:00Country:…


Obituary of Australian politician Joe Berinson

Name: Joe BerinsonGender: maleDate of Birth: 07/01/1932Date of Death: 02/06/2018Married By: JeanetteProfession: PoliticianCountry: AustraliaState: Western AustraliaJoseph Max Berinson was an Australian politician who represented the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in the Australian House of Representatives and the Western Australian Legislative…


Obituary of Ahilleas Ouroumis

Name: Ahilleas OuroumisGender: maleDate of Birth: 13/06/1939Date of Death: 11/06/2018Married By: DorothyCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Brampton


Obituary of David Campbell Dick

Name: David Campbell DickGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Last rites: Mass of Christian Burial at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, CobourgLast Rites Starts At: 14/06/2018 10:00Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Cobourg


Obituary of Loreta Zinatelli

Name: Loreta ZinatelliGender: femaleDate of Birth: 28/01/1927Date of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Welland


Obituary of Duarte Belo

Name: Duarte BeloGender: maleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mount Forest


Obituary of Darren Kwik

Name: Darren KwikGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/08/1977Date of Death: 31/05/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Barrie


Obituary of Martha Mcclenaghan

Name: Martha McclenaghanGender: femaleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Married By: ThomProfession: Kindergarten teacherCountry: CanadaState: OntarioCity: London


Obituary of Jean Mary Phipps

Name: Jean Mary PhippsGender: femaleDate of Birth: 05/08/1924Date of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: Charles Phipps Sr.Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Sarnia


Obituary of Waclaw Frackiewicz

Name: Waclaw FrackiewiczGender: maleDate of Birth: 09/01/1942Date of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Brampton


Obituary of Hazel Mcvicar

Name: Hazel McvicarGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Mississauga


Obituary of Joan Button

Name: Joan ButtonGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Oshawa


Obituary of Norma James

Name: Norma JamesGender: femaleDate of Death: 11/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Kirkland Lake


Demise of Will Brown

Name: Will BrownGender: maleDate of Death: 12/06/2018Country: CanadaState: OntarioCity: Barrie


Obituary of James Doherty

Name: James DohertyGender: maleDate of Birth: 16/12/1946Date of Death: 05/06/2018Married By: Maggie KirbyCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Katarzyna Hercun

Name: Katarzyna HercunGender: femaleDate of Birth: 07/05/1924Date of Death: 02/06/2018Last rites: Funeral ceremony will be held at Our Lady of Chestohowa, Polish (Roman Catholic) Church, 2550, avenue Gascon, H2K 2W6Last Rites Starts At: 11/06/2018…


In memory of Mark Tinker

Name: Mark TinkerGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/1998Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Maurice Gerard

Name: Maurice GerardGender: maleDate of Birth: 23/08/1931Date of Death: 06/06/2004Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Marvyn Kussner

Name: Marvyn KussnerGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/02/1930Date of Death: 05/06/2013Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Irene Donoghue Reece

Name: Irene Donoghue ReeceGender: femaleDate of Birth: 10/05/1935Date of Death: 09/06/2012Message: Forever missed, John, Mark, Chris, Katie, Allison, Sergio, CJCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Sean Fox Fraser

Name: Sean Fox FraserGender: maleDate of Birth: 23/11/1980Date of Death: 13/06/2008Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Santina Perlini

Name: Santina PerliniGender: femaleDate of Birth: 13/06/1922Date of Death: 11/06/2002Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of John Pittaro

Name: John PittaroGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/01/1941Date of Death: 14/06/2013Married By: PatCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Robert Chevrier

Name: Robert ChevrierGender: maleDate of Death: 09/06/2018Last rites: A funeral service will be held at Notre-Dame-du-Mont Carmel Church (7645 Du Mans in St-Léonard).Last Rites Starts At: 14/06/2018 10:00Married By: Carla BattistiniCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Barbara Goode

Name: Barbara GoodeGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/06/1970Date of Death: 11/06/2017Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Edward Schurman

Name: Edward SchurmanDate of Birth: 24/12/1936Date of Death: 08/06/2018Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Edith Domsodi

Name: Edith DomsodiDate of Birth: 31/07/1935Date of Death: 07/06/2018Married By: Vilmos DomsodiCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


In memory of Bernard Lang

Name: Bernard LangGender: maleDate of Birth: 19/08/1925Date of Death: 12/06/2014Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Susan Mitges

Name: Susan MitgesGender: femaleDate of Birth: 25/08/1957Date of Death: 07/06/2018Last rites: A memorial service is planned at 5675 Rue Bessette, Saint-Laurent, Qc.Last Rites Starts At: 16/06/2018 11:00Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Carl Plet

Name: Carl PletGender: maleDate of Death: 27/05/2018Country: CanadaState: QuebecCity: MontrealCause of death: blood cancer


Obituary of William Samuels

Name: William SamuelsGender: maleDate of Death: 04/06/2018Last rites: The Chapel Service Celebration of his LifeLast Rites Starts At: 15/06/2018 13:00Married By: Carmen Joyce Rogers SamuelsCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Desmond Saunders

Name: Desmond SaundersGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Married By: Irene SaundersCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


Obituary of Jocelyne ST-LAURENT

Name: Jocelyne ST-LAURENTGender: femaleDate of Birth: 30/07/1952Date of Death: 28/05/2018Last rites: Visitation will be at the Collins Clarke McGillivray White Funeral Home, 222 AUT-20, Pointe-Claire, QCLast Rites Starts At: 14/06/2018 14:00Married By: Claude HamelCountry:…


Obituary of Erna Vani

Name: Erna VaniGender: femaleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Married By: Abele VaniCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: MontrealCause of death: Alzheimer’s disease


Obituary of Antoni Vincelli

Name: Antoni VincelliGender: maleDate of Death: 10/06/2018Last rites: Funeral service will be held at St-Monica’s Parish, 6405, rue de Terrebonne, MontrealLast Rites Starts At: 14/06/2018 10:00Married By: Clara PaliottiCountry: CanadaState: QuebecCity: Montreal


13th anniversary of M.D.Rathi

Name: M.D.RathiGender: maleDate of Birth: 12/07/1953Date of Death: 31/05/2005Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


4th anniversary of Meena Ramki Murugan

Name: Meena Ramki MuruganGender: femaleDate of Birth: 10/03/1957Date of Death: 31/05/2014Married By: M.Ramki MuruganCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


1st death anniversary of S.Pitchai

Name: S.PitchaiGender: maleDate of Birth: 30/06/1939Date of Death: 31/05/2017Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiAdditional Secretary to Government, Retired.


Obituary of Shri.S.Krishnamoorthy

Name: S.KrishnamoorthyGender: maleDate of Death: 27/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiEx employee of M/s. India Pistons Ltd, Sembium


Obituary of Shri.Deepak J Shah

Name: Deepak J ShahGender: maleDate of Birth: 10/07/1974Date of Death: 30/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of S.Krishnamurthy

Name: S.KrishnamurthyGender: maleDate of Birth: 21/12/1950Date of Death: 29/05/2018Last rites: Funeral Ceremony at 32/24, Vijay Citadel, D2-3rd floor, Prakasam Street, near valluvarkottam, Chennai-17Last Rites Starts At: 31/05/2018 07:30Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.Sarasa Mani

Name: Sarasa ManiGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/05/2018Married By: V.S.ManiCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Mr.R.Sankaran

Name: R.SankaranGender: maleDate of Death: 27/05/2018Married By: PremaCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired, Indian Airlines, Chennai


Obituary of Mr.P.R.Asirvadham

Name: P.R.AsirvadhamGender: maleDate of Birth: 03/04/1927Date of Death: 31/05/2018Married By: Leela RajendranCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Officer, Reserve Bank of India


Obituary of Shri.R.Vedantham

Name: R.VedanthamGender: maleDate of Birth: 08/12/1932Date of Death: 31/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiG.M, Gem Granites


Sad demise of John Ramalingam

Name: John RamalingamGender: maleDate of Birth: 12/02/1939Date of Death: 29/05/2018Profession: Still PhotographerCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of S.V.Ramadas

Name: S.V.RamadasGender: maleDate of Death: 29/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Shri.T.N.Thangavelu

Name: T.N.ThangaveluGender: maleDate of Birth: 27/09/1924Date of Death: 29/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiJoint commissioner of commercial taxes and memember, Appellate Tribunal, retired.


Sad demise of M.K.Jacob

Name: M.K.JacobGender: maleDate of Death: 29/05/2018Last rites: Funeral service at Divine mercy church, anna nagarLast Rites Starts At: 30/05/2018 15:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of K.S.Rajalakshmi

Name: K.S.RajalakshmiGender: femaleDate of Death: 26/05/2018Last rites: DasasthuLast Rites Starts At: 04/06/2018Married By: K.S.SankaranCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Arie den Hartog

Name: Arie den HartogGender: maleDate of Birth: 23/04/1941Date of Death: 07/06/2018Profession: Bicycle racerCountry: Netherlands TheState: South HollandArie den Hartog was a Dutch road bicycle racer. Hartog won the Milan–San Remo Classic in 1965, as well as the Amstel Gold Race in…


Obituary of Arthur Marshall

Name: Arthur MarshallGender: maleDate of Birth: 05/08/1934Date of Death: 07/06/2018Profession: PoliticianCountry: AustraliaState: Western AustraliaArthur Dix Marshall was an Australian politician and sportsman from Western Australia.


Obituary of Francis Smerecki

Name: Francis SmereckiGender: maleDate of Birth: 25/07/1949Date of Death: 07/06/2018Profession: Football player, managerCountry: FranceState: ParisCity: ParisFrancis Smerecki was a French football player and manager. He was of of Polish descent.


Obituary of Minken Fosheim

Name: Minken FosheimGender: femaleDate of Birth: 20/03/1956Date of Death: 07/06/2018Profession: ActressCountry: NorwayState: OsloCity: OsloMinken Fosheim, was a Norwegian actress and author, best known for her children’s books about famous composers, and her role as Vigdis Reverud…


Obituary of Kandala Subrahmanyam

Name: Kandala SubrahmanyamGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/07/1920Date of Death: 08/06/2018Profession: lawyer, politicanCountry: IndiaState: Andhra PradeshCity: VisakhapatnamKandala Subrahmanya Tilak was an Indian lawyer and politican


Obituary of Janko Pleterski

Name: Janko PleterskiGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/02/1923Date of Death: 08/06/2018Profession: historian, politician and diplomatCountry: SloveniaState: PodravskaCity: MariborJanko Pleterski was a Slovenian historian, politician and diplomat.


Obituary of Patrick James Lally

Name: Patrick James LallyGender: maleDate of Death: 08/06/2018Profession: PoliticianCountry: United KingdomState: ScotlandCity: GlasgowPatrick James Lally was a Scottish politician who was Leader of Glasgow City Council and Lord Provost of Glasgow.


Obituary of Per Axel Ahlmark

Name: Per Axel AhlmarkGender: maleDate of Birth: 15/01/1939Date of Death: 08/06/2018Profession: Politician, WriterCountry: SwedenState: StockholmCity: StockholmCollege: Stockholm UniversityPer Axel Ahlmark was a Swedish politician and writer. He was the leader of the Liberal People’s Party from 1975…


Obituary of Shantaram Naik

Name: Shantaram NaikGender: maleDate of Birth: 12/04/1946Date of Death: 09/06/2018Profession: PoliticianCountry: IndiaState: GoaCity: MargaoCause of death: Heart AttackShantaram Laxman Naik was an Indian politician from Indian National Congress party and a former Member of the Parliament of India representing Goa in…


Obituary of K.Syed Rafi

Name: K.Syed RafiGender: maleDate of Death: 17/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.V.K.Srinivasan

Name: Dr.V.K.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 13/05/2018Profession: DoctorCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Senior research officer, IVPM, Ranipet


Sad demise of Mrs.Manju Choudhury

Name: Manju ChoudhuryGender: femaleDate of Birth: 04/11/1958Date of Death: 17/05/2018Married By: Binod Kumar ChoudhuryCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of V.Srinivasan

Name: V.SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Death: 17/05/2018Message: Bereaved by wife, sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.Last Rites Starts At: 19/05/2018 09:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Director, Ministry of Finance, Government of India


Obituary of Smt.C.H.Rajalakshmi

Name: C.H.RajalakshmiGender: femaleDate of Death: 16/05/2018Last rites: Cremated at besant nagarLast Rites Starts At: 17/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


16th anniversary of T.Madhan Kumar

Name: T.Madhan KumarGender: maleDate of Birth: 05/10/1980Date of Death: 15/05/2002Message: Deeply mourned by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


3rd anniversary of Smt.Lalithasekaran

Name: LalithasekaranGender: femaleDate of Death: 15/05/2015Married By: K.SekaranCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Officer, Punjab National Bank


Obituary of Smt.R.Santhanakumari

Name: R.SanthanakumariGender: femaleDate of Death: 13/05/2018Married By: P.RathinaveluCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of R C Krishnan

Name: R C KrishnanGender: maleDate of Death: 09/05/2018Message: Mourned by family and friends.Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRegional Provident Fun Commissioner, Retired.


Obituary of Mrs.C.Mythili

Name: C.MythiliGender: femaleDate of Birth: 23/10/1943Date of Death: 13/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired senior lecturer, D.I.E.T Chennai


In fond memory of P.V.Raman

Name: P.V.RamanGender: maleDate of Birth: 17/11/1931Date of Death: 17/05/2016Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


7th anniversary of A.N.Chandrasekaran

Name: A.N.ChandrasekaranGender: maleDate of Birth: 2407/1938Date of Death: 17/05/2011Message: Fondly remembered by family membersCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired senior motorman, Southern Railway


Obituary of C.V.Vaidyanathan

Name: C.V.VaidyanathanGender: maleDate of Birth: 04/04/1950Date of Death: 16/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Solar S.Mahadevan

Name: Solar S.MahadevanGender: maleDate of Death: 15/05/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 18/05/2018 10:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of R.Parthasarathy

Name: R.ParthasarathyGender: maleDate of Death: 15/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by Rajalakshmi parthasarathy (wife), family and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Demise of P.Vadivelu

Name: P.VadiveluGender: maleDate of Birth: 13/07/1934Date of Death: 16/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Dr.Sita Narasimhan

Name: Sita NarasimhanGender: femaleDate of Death: 15/05/2018Last rites: Dasasthu at no.12, Bhavani Nagar, Thanjavur – 4Last Rites Starts At: 24/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


27th anniversary of B.Srinivas

Name: B.SrinivasGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/09/1967Date of Death: 16/05/1991Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of C.V.Krishnamurthy

Name: C.V.KrishnamurthyGender: maleDate of Death: 15/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired, CRMM, IOC, Chennai


Obituary of L.VIjayalakshmi

Name: L.VIjayalakshmiGender: femaleDate of Death: 15/05/2018Last rites: CremationLast Rites Starts At: 16/05/2018 10:00Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


4th Anniversary of K C Chandy IRS

Name: K C Chandy IRSGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/03/1957Date of Death: 16/05/2014Message: Fondly remembered by familyCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of V.Achuthan

Name: V.AchuthanGender: maleDate of Death: 14/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family, friends and legal fraternityProfession: AdvocateCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


22nd anniversary of Mrs.Janaki M.G.R

Name: Mrs.Janaki M.G.RGender: femaleDate of Death: 19/05/1996Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFondly remembered by Mrs.Sudha Vijayakumar, V.Rajarajan, Mira and Brielle, V.Ramachandran, Priya


Obituary of Padma Bhushan Dr.Arcot Ramachandran

Name: Dr.Arcot RamachandranGender: maleDate of Birth: 06/04/1923Date of Death: 17/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFormer Under – Secretary General, UN Secretary to Government of India Director, IIT Madras


Obituary of H.M.Mohideen Pasha

Name: H.M.Mohideen PashaGender: maleDate of Birth: 13/11/1941Date of Death: 16/05/2018Message: Deeply mourned by family members, Relatives and friendsCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiAdditional Director (Retired), Sericulture Department


Obituary of Bernard Lewis

Name: Bernard LewisGender: maleDate of Birth: 31/05/1916Date of Death: 19/05/2018Profession: HistorianCountry: United StatesState: New JerseyCity: VoorheesBernard Lewis, FBA was a British American historian specializing in oriental studies. He was also known as a public intellectual and political commentator. 


Obituary of Tom Wolfe

Name: Tom WolfeGender: maleDate of Birth: 02/03/1930Date of Death: 14/05/2018Married By: Sheila Berger WolfeProfession: Author, JournalistsCountry: United StatesState: VirginiaCity: RichmondThomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr. was an American author and journalist widely known for his association with New…


15th anniversary of Tha.Kiruttinan

Name: Tha.KiruttinanGender: maleDate of Death: 20/05/2003Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiFormer minister and member of parliament 


1st anniversary of Smt.S.Kalavathy

Name: S.KalavathyGender: femaleDate of Death: 20/05/2017Message: Fondly remembered by family and relativesMarried By: A.ShanmugamCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Respectful Homage to Dr.V.K.Balachandran

Name: Dr.V.K.BalachandranGender: maleDate of Birth: 11/12/1926Date of Death: 19/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiDirector & Head, Ramanujam Institute for advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras


Obituary of Dr.P.J.Alexander

Name: P.J.AlexanderGender: maleDate of Birth: 07/01/1936Date of Death: 18/05/2018Last rites: Funeral Service at residenceLast Rites Starts At: 21/05/2018 14:00Profession: surgeonCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiChief of Surgery, Philips Hospital


Sad demise of M.Seetharaman

Name: M.SeetharamanGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/12/1934Date of Death: 18/05/2018Married By: S.ShanbagavalliCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Smt.Gomu Ponsaram

Name: Gomu PonsaramGender: femaleDate of Birth: 17/11/1951Date of Death: 18/05/2018Married By: T.SathiaseelanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dora D’Cunha

Name: Dora D’CunhaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 27/11/1972Date of Death: 03/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Sad demise of Navalpakkam Srinivasan

Name: Navalpakkam SrinivasanGender: maleDate of Birth: 01/07/1933Date of Death: 19/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChengamRetired Finance Minister, BHEL


Obituary of Mrs.Shirin Harris

Name: Shirin HarrisGender: femaleDate of Birth: 01/11/1947Date of Death: 14/05/2018Married By: Dr.T.JeyadossCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Obituary of Dr.MRV Krishnan

Name: MRV KrishnanGender: maleDate of Birth: 26/11/1941Date of Death: 20/05/2018Country: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: ChennaiRetired Director, Anna University


1st year anniversary of Mr.Aykan

Name: Mr.AykanGender: maleDate of Birth: 25/02/1932Date of Death: 21/05/2017Profession: Commercial ArtistCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai


Birthday remembrance of P.Padma Priya

Name: P.Padma PriyaGender: femaleDate of Birth: 21/05/1964Date of Death: 16/06/2004Married By: P.T.VeeraiyanCountry: IndiaState: Tamil NaduCity: Chennai